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Since 1978 Figros operates in the die casting of zinc-alloy (zamak) and hot-pressing of non-ferrous alloys, brass, lead-free brass, bronze, and metals such as aluminum and copper.

Figros is a highly specialized manufacturing company, working especially for high fashion, footwear, and clothing accessories, as well as in the fields of lighting, automotive and appliances, and of precision engineering for electronics and robotics. It is able to supply a high-quality product from a simple design or a sample.




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Our story, told through the milestones in years of commitment and a constant goal: to provide excellence to all our customers.

Opening of the hot-pressing moulding activity and of the mould production in a 150 square metres  facility, with two moulding presses for zamak.

Relocation of the company in the Cavallina area, in a 800 square metres facility.

Relocation to a new 3,000 square metres facility, in the industrial area close to the motorway.

Purchase of the first die-casting moulding machinery with vacuum technology.

Purchase and employment of the first anthropomorphic robot workstation.

Purchase and employment of the first high-speed machine tool for processing tempered steel for moulds.

Beginning of brass alloys and aluminum hot-pressing production.

ISO 9001 quality certification.

A 350 square metres expansion allows the creation of a mould tooling department and of a storage facility for raw material.

Figros today

Figros today