Today, the company can count on a modern, functional and environmental friendly facility, which covers 3,000 square metres, where about 70 employees, assigned to different divisions, operate in three work shifts.

In the Barberino di Mugello plant about 30,000 kg of zamak and 20,000 kg of brass and aluminum are processed every month into millions of finished parts.

Thanks to the determination, experience and technology which distinguish Figros, the company is now able to take the customer on a path that can start from a simple design to the realization of the final piece, through the manufacturing of customized and tested moulds.


KG of zamak processed every month


KG of brass processed every month

Main Sectors Corporate

Tooling department

Figros has always designed and produced moulds in a modern department equipped with high-speed machine tools and with advanced manufacturing technology, allowing the creation of high precision, excellently finished moulds in a very short time, as required by today’s markets.

Technical office

In addition to the usual CAD-CAM projects and reverse engineering, after the initial outline all the moulds are analyzed using dedicated software to simulate casting, thus showing the metal flow during the filling of the mould, focusing on solidification, stress, and on the thermoregulation process, so as to identify and correct possible critical zones of the mould before its construction, with considerable advantages in terms of overall quality of the moulded piece, and of durability of the mould itself.


The die-casting department has hot-chamber presses of the latest generation, ranging from 50 to 250 tons interlocked to robots for sprue-removal and the handling of the parts. Alongside with the presses there are also vacuum mould machines which allow the moulding in absence of air, thus improving the mechanical strength and the aesthetic quality, especially in parts intended for galvanic treatment.


The hot-pressing and punching section has 180 up to 500 tons rockers. Quite similar to forging, through this method the product takes shape, especially for the production of accessories destined to the high fashion industry.

Quality control

It is important to emphasize that inspections on the first moulds are carried out systematically in the quality control department (through visual examination, measurements, and tests when necessary) before starting mass production itself, which is then followed by random samples check, for maximum guarantee of quality.


To confirm the quality of the production system Figros has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate (Certificate No. 93288-2011-AQ-ITA-SINCERT) for design, development and manufacture of zamak die-cast and brass hot-pressing; construction of moulds and equipment; mechanical processing and surface finishing.

UNI EN ISO certificate